Touch Marketing Materials

Unconventional Marketing Materials, original sales supports and unconventional ideas to get your customer’s attention and help your sales force.

Some Business Models (B2B, Retail, etc) are still based on an effective and professional sales force. It is vital to help your sale force with the right tools ( presentations, videos, marketing materials, desktop apps and demos ) and to listen to sales advice and provide whatever is necessary to promote the product most effectively. Usually sales professionals rely on strong communication skills and on their knowledge of the product but without effective tools, they could be powerful arms without hands to catch the customer.

There is no end to the creativity and new ideas that can help build everlasting relationships with your customer.


  • Printed Brochures, Leaflets, Unconventional Materials
  • Infographics, Process Design, Product design
  • Proximity Marketing Visuals
  • Communication Concepts and Visuals
  • Video tutorial, product and service presentations
  • Animations – Events banner, Teaser, Agenda – Guerrilla Marketing (Adhesives, Post it, Newspapers, unconventional materials) – Unconventional Gadgets