Food Fundraising

Financial resources are the company’s fundamental nourishment. How to get the attention of investors?

Investors need to have a clear idea of the reliability of your business model and adequate documentation to understand your Business Ideas, your Business Plan, the state of your Product development and your Traction in the market. We help you get their attention with an ex Microsoft CFO and professionals who are familiar with the Investor mind-set (with Wall Street experience and high performing Investment Funds).

We help you set the best strategy and tools also if you want to approach Crowd Funding platforms.

Obios offers different options that are customised to your needs (Summary, Fact Sheets, Business Plans, Financial Planning, Pitch Deck, Pitch Coaching, Videos and Crowd Funding Strategies).


  • Business Model– Business Model Canvas & Business Model Projection training and workshop
  • Fundraising Documents– Summary – Business Plan – Financial Planning – Pitch Deck – Fundraising Video&Tools
  • Crowdfunding – Strategy – Fundraising Video & Tools
  • Pitch Coaching