Meetup Biz Development

Your Company Growth is dependent on effective Business Development Solutions, Partnership Strategies, and International Network Building.

What is Business Development and why is it different from “Sales”? Business Development relies on building Partnerships and networks of opportunities to exponentially increase your revenues. It should be approached with a well-defined strategy and be developed by experienced professionals.

Would you prefer to sell 100 kilos of apples or to make an agreement with an Apple Pie producer that is going to use your fruits to produce Organic Cakes indicating the quality of Apples on the label and on an online platform? Don’t you think that the best solution is to follow both paths? Would you like to start think in an International way?


  • Business Development
  • International Business Development
  • Events Selection in target with your Business Goal
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Co-Branding Strategy
  •  SMEs & Start Up Contamination