Outfit Brand Identity

People love Brands and develop a loyalty to them. We help you to build an unforgettable company personality helping you to grow faster!

A distinctive Brand Identity is necessary to attract customers and to develop loyalty to your products. Your Brand should create an experience, transfer emotions and build a connection with your customers and to speak to the subconscious of people. We all know the value of “intangible” elements in our choices. Brands should be easily memorised, echo your company spirit and culture and to be designed in an appealing way, delivering powerful and unforgettable customer memories.

The importance of Brand image consistency leads us to recommend and develop guidelines to be followed so as not to lose the Company identity in the brand’s physical extensions (Websites, Social Media, Points of sale, Marketing Materials, Co-Branding Activities, Events, Trade Fairs, etc.).


  • Brand Positioning
  • Vision – Mission – Value proposition
  • Brand Identity
  • Naming & Logo Design
  • Brand Aesthetic Guidelines
  • Stationery (Business Cards – Power Point – Letters – Envelopes)
  • Brand Digital Guidelines
  • Digital Visuals, Videos, Animations, Digital Layouts, Infographics
  • Communication Concept and Advertising