Advises Consultancy

Advises and Consultancy to Increase Sales or/and to get Investors’ attention.

A smart Brain will drive you towards Success, the right growth strategy, strategic planning and a correct business model are key factors in determining your company’s success. We will work with you to create an efficient strategy and plan, a multichannel marketing scheme of activities and a set of tests to identify the best way to get your desired results.

We apply different methodologies that allows teams to design business models that survive over time (in a world that is running really fast) and Silicon Valley training programs that build Start Ups in a few months.  Always with an holistic and organic approach: our aim is to establish a long term relationship with our clients and execute plans that optimise your budget with our creative and operational experience.


  • Strategic Planning – A multichannel and multifactor approach to identify the right marketing mix and the right contents – channels to optimise your budget.
  • Business Model Projection – A methodology to create Business Models that are projected forwards to create a Business that is sustainable in the future.
  • Organic Business Representation – A holistic vision of companies: functions and activities must be dealt with an organic approach, considering the interdependence of every segment, to develop sustainable projects.
  • Start Up Step – A professional program structured to build up in 4 months the base (Documents, Prototype, Pitch Deck, Team etc…) of Start Ups and Technological Platforms and launch them on the market.