How do we optimise your budget?

Obios Consulting optimises your marketing budget so you can attract the best investors, keep their attention, and demonstrate an important respect for their critical milestones so you can achieve a first or second round of funding or simply increase your sales and profits.

Our capability in optimising your business results comes from a specific combination of factors that are vital in developing your creative and disruptive ideas, whilst never forgetting the focus is on meeting your business objectives.

  • Experience in the Start-Up field (budget should be spent with great care in the start-up stage)
  • The ability to create and implement integrated marketing plans (selecting and mixing the right channels, offline and online)
  • Experience in increasing companies’ revenues by lowering costs (and reallocating savings on marketing and sales)
  • A testing approach that aims is to quickly find the right viral marketing route to follow (Growth Hacking).
  • Our extensive exposure to a large investor network
  • Our knowledge in the preparation of documents and tools to attract an investor’s attention as well as the experience in working directly with entrepreneurs

Your Company Growth depends on several factors that should work together in an organic way, just like a living, breathing human being.

  • We study your Business, your Market, and your Resources to propose a specific combination of actions you need to grow fast and organically, just like a living human being. This is what we call an “Organic Business”
  • We combine Online and Offline activities, provide innovative tools and examine your goals whilst never forgetting important details that can directly affect other aspects of your business.
  • We implement a set of actions that will give life to your business, like a unique melody, tuned as if it were part of an orchestral piece, the rhythm of life and your business.

Your Company’s Growth needs an Outsource Partner before hiring all the professionals your business will eventually need. This can form the backbone of your Company today and in the future.

During early stage Growth, you need to be able to change strategy and have instant access to a variety of skills to drive positive results quickly and provide stability in the future. For example, hiring a full time Strategic Planner, a Marketing Manager, a Digital Marketing Specialist, a Business Development or Sales Manager, two Developers, a Graphic Designer, a UX&UI Designer and perhaps also a PR & Social Media Manager will cost you more than 350,000 Euros/Pounds/Swiss Francs (average) which is not affordable unless you have access to at least at 1,000,000 Euros/Pounds/Swiss Francs of Marketing Budget.

We first help you in maximising the results of your efforts then in creating a Company with exceptional people that will become the most important asset of your business, together with your products and services. We will be your reliable partner in this process allowing you to reduce costs, be flexible and effective, to grow and to build positive relationships with investors and customers.

The Obios Infographic represents a company as if it were a human being, seeing your Business as an entity that integrates different critical assets that are all fundamental for life, growth, and business success.

Could you grow without legs or nimble hands? Or make important decision without a brain? This is the main message we want to convey, knowing that every company is in a different stage of growth. We help you develop these areas of your Company “being” to achieve your aims.

  • Advice and ConsultancyA smart Brain will drive you towards Success
  • Food and FundraisingNecessary Food to grow your Business.
  • Eyes and Marketing InnovationOpen Eyes to analyse the market, innovate and identify disruptive solutions
  • Heart/Outfit and Brand IdentityA unique Heart to be recognised and never forgotten
  • Touch and Marketing MaterialsAttractive and reliable Hands to help your Sales Force
  • Hug and Digital MarketingMultitasking and articulate Arms to hug your customers and achieve results
  • Touch and Technological PlatformsPractical Hands to get in touch with customers in the digital world
  • Meet Up and Business DevelopmentQuick and clever Feet to explore and conquer new markets!  

What do you need to grow?

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